Nei panni di Zaff

(In Zaff's shoes) Book not yet available in English


Zaff is 6 years old and he doesn’t want to be a king, a prince, an engineer, nor a mechanic. Zaff wants to be a princess. A boy who wants to be a princess? That’s impossible for his friends. But what happens when an actual princess, the one from The Princess and the pea, wants to be a football goalkeeper? The princess doesn’t lose heart and she immediately finds a solution. And, as in all princess stories, a fairy will show up to help them.


This funny and colourful picture book deals with the themes of identity and freedom to be oneself, in a delicate, harmonious, and sparkling way. The author worked extensively on this text, discussing and revising it with some psychologists, to offer her readers an intriguing and entertaining book. The story takes Zaff’s point of view, through which we discover his emotions when faced with the reactions of those who judge and mock him. The story of Zaff, but also that of the “Princess and the pea,” invite us to reflect on the often too sharp and dichotomic distinction between “male stuff” and “female stuff,” and to go beyond these traditional and purely conventional attributions, to give boys and girls the freedom of expression that they need to recognize and accept each other. The search for one’s own identity, for the “clothes” in which each of us recognises oneself and thus feels comfortable in, is already acquired since early childhood, but sometimes it takes time to show itself. This recognition of the right to follow one’s own desires and one’s own way of being and feeling, free from others’ judgment, is accompanied by the need to respect the choices of others, not to discriminate (or deride) those who want to experience something out of the ordinary conventions. On the one hand, the book talks to girls and boys about the free exploration of their own identity and respect for that of their mates. On the other, it exhorts adults to accompany children’s growth without anxiety and without attitudes of control or, worse, marginalization. A book that invites us to be who we are, learning to respect diversity and always putting ourselves in the shoes of others.

Edited by: Centro MeTRa (Italy)

Author(s): Salvi, Manuela

Illustrator(s): Cavallaro, Francesca

Publisher: Fatatrac

City: Firenze

Year: 2015

Pages: 44

ISBN: 9788882223892

Age Range: 3 - 5

Language: IT

Original Language: IT

Keywords: Diversity, Empowerment, Identity, Princess/prince, Sports

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