Thematic routes

Introduction to thematic routes

In this section, you will find five different thematic routes – "Body"; "Diversity and equality" ; "Families"; "Famous personalities"; "Feelings and emotions." These topics were chosen for their relevance, in order to provide an additional resource to the bibliography. In each route, a short introduction explains the educational and literary importance and relevance of the topic. The short text contains references to many books included in the bibliography, which are particularly significant with respect to the topic. Since this is a multilingual and multicultural project, we decided to mention these titles in their original language. These titles consist in clickable links: if the book is translated into the language you selected, the link opens the book record in that language, otherwise it opens the record in English. The short introduction is followed by an international list of outstanding texts on the topic. At the end of the page, you can see the covers and titles of those books of the bibliography that contain the subject among their keywords. In the English version of the site, you can find all the books of the bibliography that contain such keyword(s), in all the languages. Conversely, in the Italian, French, Spanish, Bosnian, and Bulgarian version, you will find only the covers and titles of books in the selected language.


Children soon realize that their bodies can be similar or different from others. For this reason, it is important that they learn about their bodies in a natural way from an early age, so that they are prepared to talk about puberty and sexual education in the future… READ MORE >

Feeling and emotions

Children’s books are often evaluated in terms of usefulness and educational purpose. This is because pedagogy plays a significant role in children’s literature. Nevertheless, this dimension should not lead to neglecting the literary, aesthetic or even artistic aspect of children’s books… READ MORE >


We are all different, and yet we are all equal. We can be different in terms of sex, gender, sexual orientations, class, ethnicity, religion, culture, education, language, etc.  But we are all human, and although we should all have the same rights, unfortunately not everyone can enjoy them… READ MORE >


In children’s fiction, families often play a central role and many stories take place in a domestic setting. However, “book” families as opposed to “real” families still tend to be widely represented as the traditional nuclear family: father, mother, children… READ MORE >

Famous personality

Most parents would like their children to grow up to be healthy, happy individuals who show respect and consideration for others. Children who have good role models to follow have a better chance of developing a positive lifestyle… READ MORE >