Il cavaliere che pestò la coda al drago

(The knight who stepped on the dragon's tail) Book not yet available in English


In the village of the Paladini Sciolti (Dissolved Paladins), the knight-who-stepped-on-the-dragon’s-tale has studied the stories of dragons around the world, but in fact has never met one. He then sets out on a quest to teach a lesson to a fierce beast. But at the end of the journey the knight will discover that things are not quite what he expected.


The book, written by Guia Risari and illustrated by Ilaria Urbinati, presents an enchanted world and shows that things are not always as they seem. Thanks to the support of his friends, the protagonist overcomes his anxieties and fears for the unknown and discovers a courage he did not know he had. But he also discovers that sometimes our preconceived ideas can be refuted by direct experience. The book teaches us not to stop at appearances and to keep our minds open to possibilities in a simple and amusing way and with funny characters. The book deals with the themes of the fairy-tale tradition, but develops them with originality and irony: to the typical clash between knight and dragon, the story juxtaposes the development of a friendship, also helped by the delicious pancakes that the dragon shares with the knight. At the end of the story, the young protagonist will change his name to the knight-who-ate-the-dragon’s-pancakes. The book ends with the recipe to make excellent apple pancakes, the dragon’s speciality. The series “Sottosopra,” edited by Irene Biemmi, was conceived with the clear aim of proposing an alternative dimension through illustrated books that promote gender equality. The protagonists of these picture books therefore feel free to act, think, and behave without constraints linked to their biological sex and social conventions.

Edited by: Centro MeTRa (Italy)

Author(s): Risari, Guia

Illustrator(s): Urbinati, Ilaria

Series: Giralangolo

Publisher: EDT

City: Torino

Year: 2016[2008]

Pages: 32

ISBN: 9788859231578

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: IT

Original Language: IT

Keywords: Identity, Male characters, Rewriting

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