Chiamarlo amore non si può. 23 scrittrici raccontano ai ragazzi e alle ragazze la violenza contro le donne

(You cannot call it love) Book not yet available in English


A book for boys and girls who look out to the world of adults, to teach them that love means respect and not domination, and that to love means to allow the other person to be her/himself. In short, that love cannot be selfish, otherwise you cannot call it love. 23 writers for children’s books offer these stories in order to help readers to think and talk, so that they don’t remain silent when faced with the tremendous events of the news, and they can react to what may happen around them.


Through the stories of this book, 23 writers show children the boundary between love and that sense of possession which too often degenerates into shocking and perhaps predictable acts of violence, as we read in the news. The 23 authors reflect on the difference between a free, authentic feeling and a feeling morbidly tied to exclusivity, which cannot be called love, as the title suggests. The path outlined is that of an “emotional” education for teenagers and young adults. The 23 writers are: Anna Baccelliere, Alessandra Berello, Rosa Tiziana Bruno, Fulvia Degl’Innocenti, Ornella Della Libera, Giuliana Facchini, Ilaria Guidantoni, Laura Novello, Isabella Paglia, Daniela Palumbo, Elena Peduzzi, Cristiana Pezzetta, Annamaria Piccione, Manuela Piovesan, Livia Rocchi, Maria Giuliana Saletta, Chiara Segrè, Luisa Staffieri, Annalisa Strada, Pina Tromellini, Pina Varriale, Laura Walter, Giamila Yehya. In addition to them: Daniela Finocchi – with her thoughts on the Concorso Lingua Madre (Mother Tongue Contest) – and Paola Sorrentino, author of the illustration on the cover. The book should ideally be integrated with DISAMOREX, a very special medicine-book that has no side effects or contraindications. You cannot call it love is published by the publishing house Mammeonline (now Matilda editrice), which since its birth has aimed at dealing with sensitive issues such as emotions, sentimental education, abuse, to tackle stereotypes and to promote a gender sensitive approach to education.

Edited by: Centro MeTRa (Italy)

Author(s): AAVV

Series: Crisalidi e farfalle

Publisher: Mammeonline

City: Foggia

Year: 2013

Pages: 183

ISBN: 9788889684672

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: IT

Original Language: IT

Keywords: Feelings, Relationships, Respect, Violence

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