The boy who could fly


For his birthday, a fat fairy gives Thomas the extraordinary ability to fly. He suddenly becomes a desirable friend. But the adults and his father in particular do not want to see his extraordinary ability. Until one day…


A wonderful novel about the joy of life. It shows that children can teach the adults to look at the world through children’s eyes and see how beautiful it is. This book teaches readers that beeing like all others, means that you do not exist.

Edited by: Regional Public Library "Petko Rachev Slaveikov" (Bulgaria)

Author(s): Gardner, Sally

Publisher: Hachette

City: London

Year: 2013

Pages: 96

ISBN: 9781444011630

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: EN

Original Language: EN

Keywords: Diversity, Empowerment, Families, Male characters, Self-acceptance

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