Quante tante donne: le pari opportunità spiegate ai bambini

(How many women. Equal opportunities explained to children) Book not yet available in English


Girls play with dolls, boys with constructions. Girls dance, boys play football. But is this really like that? And who decided it? Because not everyone is ok with that. Here are many poems and nursery rhymes that tell very different stories…


After publishing children’s books on important topics such as the Constitution and the Shoah, here Anna Sarfatti explains equal opportunities, or rather the importance of overcoming gender stereotypes, in a creative and entertaining way, through nursery rhymes and poems which are made even more powerful by Serena Riglietti’s illustrations. Therefore, in the book we can find women who do different jobs: a mayor, an inventor, a cemetery guardian, a duster of Tirannosauros rex, a photographer of cobwebs, a caregiver. All these real and invented jobs are presented in a lively tone, and they are given equal dignity (for example, the caregiver and the mayor). This is not a real handbook of jobs for boys and girls, but rather an invitation to imagine ourselves and our own future in complete freedom, and not as society asks us to be, since we are children. The book therefore has many merits not only in terms of content but also from a literary and figurative point of view, without forgetting the importance of a non-sexist use of the language, since the author uses the female form for all jobs. The book comes with an introduction written by Margherita Hack, world-famous astrophysicist and an example of female strength and freedom.

Edited by: Centro MeTRa (Italy)

Author(s): Sarfatti, Anna

Illustrator(s): Riglietti, Serena

Series: I sassolini a colori

Publisher: Mondadori

City: Milano

Year: 2008

Pages: 42

ISBN: 9788804582298

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: IT

Original Language: IT

Keywords: Career, Empowerment, Equality, Positive role model, Rights

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