Out of the ashes

(Becky's diary) Book not yet available in English


On New Year’s Day Becky Morley begins to write her diary. She takes care of her flock of sheep. By March, her world has changed forever. A deadly disease destroys the animals and she is forced to face the most important decision in her life.


The story is narrated as a diary of a girl who lives on a farm in Devon. It is a moving account of her feelings and emotions as a child growing up in the terror that reigns across the countryside. It also explores the relationship between Becky and her mother and their attempt to remain stron through the crisis. Children can relate to the protagonist, as it is written in first person.

Edited by: Regional Public Library "Petko Rachev Slaveikov" (Bulgaria)

Author(s): Морпурго, Майкъл (Morpurgo, Michael)

Year: 2002

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: BG

Original Language: EN

Keywords: Career, Female characters, Parentality

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