Le mie due mamme

(My two mums) Book not yet available in English


Alice is seven years old and she has to write an essay with the title “My family.” So she describes the members of her family: her two mums Carla and Giovanna, the funny puppy dog Aria, the chatty parrot Jeremiah, and the nice goldfishes Pinna and Bolla. In her essay she also writes about their adventures at the beach!


This picture book deals with the theme of queer families in a simple way. Alice is a girl who attends the second grade of primary school, and she has to write an essay for school with the title “My family.” So she presents the members of her family: herself and her two mums, Carla and Giovanna. The book describes many scenes of everyday life whose protagonists are Alice and her mothers. The family circle also includes her grandparents, and the book describes a trip to the beach, which ends with the adventurous recovery of some kittens in danger. Coming back home from her grandparents’, Alice hears her two mothers, who think she is asleep, saying that they are very lucky to have her. And she thinks she is just as lucky for all the love that Carla and Giovanna give her, and she doesn’t miss a father. The book has the merit of presenting same-sex parenthood in a very natural way, “normalising” the presence of the two mothers and highlighting their daily family life through events that occur in all families. Alice, Carla, and Giovanna are also the protagonists of the book Il matrimonio delle mie due mamme (My two mums’ wedding). The book is accompanied by a free information sheet with suggestions for games, activities, and workshops, which can be requested by e-mailing info@edizioniilciliegio.com

Edited by: Centro MeTRa (Italy)

Author(s): Iacolucci, Fabiana

Illustrator(s): Iacolucci, Fabiana

Series: Ciliegine dai 6 ai 99 anni

Publisher: Il Ciliegio

City: Lurago D'Erba

Year: 2017

Pages: 36

ISBN: 9788867714445

Age Range: 3 - 5

Language: IT

Original Language: IT

Keywords: Families, LGBTQ+, Love, Relationships, Rights

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