Las dragonas no muerden

(Dragons do not bite) Book not yet available in English


Amelia and her friends want to participate in the medieval tournament that Daniel and his friends are organizing. But before they can participate, they will have to prove that they’re brave and go through several tests. However, this daring attitude of the knights will play a dirty trick on them.


The book deals with the difficult relationship between boys and girls and it presents the way to overcome the obstacles of this relationship.

Edited by: Research Centre Anilij (Spain)

Author(s): Mueller, Dagmar

Illustrator(s): Wenniges, Oliver

Translator(s): Rodríguez Aguilar, Cristina

Series: Ala Delta (serie azul)

Publisher: Edelvives

City: Zaragoza

Year: 2005

Pages: 140

ISBN: 9788426355508

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: ES

Original Language: DE

Keywords: Equality, Friendship, School

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