La scimmia nella biglia

(The monkey in the marble) Book not yet available in English


Is it possible that a shy and awkward girl suddenly becomes sporty and reckless, unleashed and adventurous? It is possible indeed, if you find a blue marble and if inside of it there is Aluk, a sort of monkey- spirit. But the going gets tough, and Sara, our protagonist, must be very careful not to remain trapped forever in the marble.


Written by Silvana Gandolfi, one of the most prestigious (and translated) Italian writers for children, this is a novel characterized by the so-called magic realism typical of this author. In fact, the book is set in a realistic context, where quite unrealistic things happen. With its exciting adventures, the book tells the story of a little girl who struggles to find her own role and place in the world and who, for this reason, will be persuaded by Aluk, a sort of monkey-spirit imprisoned in a marble, to exchange roles and bodies with her. But after many (dis)adventures she will understand that no matter how much afraid we may be, it’s always better to be ourselves, even if we are shy, clumsy, embarrassed, or ugly. A novel about the search for ourselves, about the ability to accept and value our essence as it is, without being afraid of the others’ judgment – with a happy ending. (First published in Italy in 1992)

Edited by: Centro MeTRa (Italy)

Author(s): Gandolfi, Silvana

Illustrator(s): Collini Bussolati, Manuela

Series: Gl'Istrici

Publisher: Salani

City: Milano

Year: 2012

Pages: 172

ISBN: 9788862561051

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: IT

Original Language: IT

Keywords: Empowerment, Feelings, Female characters, Self-acceptance

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