La compagnia dei soli

(The company of the lonely ones) Book not yet available in English


In a distant past, shaken by wars and cataclysms, a buried city is hidden under a volcano, among tunnels and voids. In the city, a very strong girl and a group of five children headed by an acrobat dwarf hide. They are alone, but together they form a strange, combative, and fearless army, that will try to change things. And then there is the son of the wicked vessel lieutenant, whom fate wanted to be very different from his father. The path of rebellion will lead their lives to intertwine.


Winner of the 2017 Andersen Award for Best Comics, the graphic novel written by Patrizia Rinaldi and illustrated by Marco Paci uses a simple and immediate style to tell the story of a group of boys and a girl who fight against something bigger than them, and seek a possible salvation in a violent and apocalyptic world, made up of wars, catastrophes, and desertion. If the basic narrative scheme may seem known, the simple and adventurous plot is full of twists, the rhythm is tight, illustrations are evocative and visionary, and the characters are not conventional. As in other books she wrote for children, Rinaldi breaks with a stereotyped vision. A break that is not limited to the reversal of the classic princess-saved-by-the-hero ending (it will be Sara to save Pier Remigio). The author offers us alternative female and male models and she does not fail to underline the positive value of diversity. Sara is a strong and bold prisoner, she is determined to free herself and avenge her sister who was brutally torn from her by the adult world, but she will finally repudiate the same violence committed by adults. Pier Remigio is kind and sensitive; his father wants to turn him into a “strong man” by forcing him to kill his peers but he will refuse to carry on the order, with courage and altruism. Izio the “freak,” the cynical, and disillusioned dwarf, who opposes the memory and words of his mother to everyone’s contempt for his diversity, will save the youngest members of the group led by the willful Mariolina. It is precisely from their “loneliness” and “diversity” that a vital energy springs up leading them to rebel and ally themselves.

Edited by: Centro MeTRa (Italy)

Author(s): Rinaldi, Patrizia

Illustrator(s): Paci, Marco

Series: Leggimi graphic

Publisher: Sinnos

City: Roma

Year: 2016

Pages: 95

ISBN: 9788876093364

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: IT

Original Language: IT

Keywords: Diversity, Identity, Positive role model, Relationships, Violence

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