El vestido de mamá

(Mom's dress) Book not yet available in English


When I wear mum’s dress, I look at myself in every mirror of the house. I make faces and speak as if I was another person. It’s very fun.


Through the innocent eyes of a child, the author brings readers to an ideal society devoid of prejudice, where difference is immaterial. The little boy loves the sparkling stones of his mamma’s party dress, does not hesitate to try it on, and even wear it while he plays football. Soon, he realises that society sets certain limits to individual free will: first, he notices how his friends start looking at him in astonishment, and then it is his parents who condemn his behavior. However, the causes of these rejections are dissimilar: his friends laugh at him because they are prejudiced against what they see as the garments for another gender, while his parents do not wish the party dress to get soiled during the football match since they save it for special occasions. The child’s concluding thoughts (each moment is a special occasion!) is so full of wisdom that it invites adults to ponder: seize the moment; or, as John Lennon put it: “life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.”

Edited by: Research Centre Anilij (Spain)

Author(s): Umpi, Daniel

Illustrator(s): Moraes, Rodrigo

Publisher: Criatura

City: Montevideo, Uruguay

Year: 2011

Pages: 48

ISBN: 9789974831346

Age Range: 3 - 5

Language: ES

Original Language: ES

Keywords: Body image, Clothes, LGBTQ+, Sexuality

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