El tesoro del dragón

(The treasure of the dragon) Book not yet available in English


In a faraway country, every knight fights against a dragon to take a treasure from the animal. The king promises the hand of his daughter to the knight who defeats the dragon. However, the princess decides to kill the dragon and…


It’s an original book that can be read or performed as a play. The main character, the princess, has the support of two female characters, her mom and the female dragon, which proves that women’s unity makes strength. At the end of the volume children can see that she shares household chores with her husband, the dragon, as well as the care of their 37 baby dragons. The book uses kenotypes to attract adults’ attention. The books contains black and white illustrations which resemble a naïve art style.

Edited by: Research Centre Anilij (Spain)

Author(s): Ordóñez Cuadrado, Rafael

Illustrator(s): Monreal, Violeta

Series: Alfaguara infantil. Morada

Publisher: Alfaguara

City: Barcelona

Year: 2007

Pages: 103

ISBN: 9788420471242

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: ES

Original Language: ES

Keywords: Empowerment, Equality, Princess/prince

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