El día de la rana roja

(The day of the red frog) Book not yet available in English


King Abdón and queen Ingrid live with their son, prince Héctor, in a tiny kingdom. On the day of his christening, the countess Mordana gets angry because she isn’t chosen as his godmother, so she casts a spell on the boy. When the prince grows up, everyone looks for the red frog. One night, a beautiful girl called Laura arrives at the palace with a red frog. Prince Hector kisses her, and suddenly a handsome prince appears before them. Laura and the princes live as a happy family.


This book describes heterosexual and single-parent families in a simple way. Colour illlustrations and the influence of fairy tales’ structure make its reading easy for primary school readers. They will learn that a real family is defined by love, neither by gender nor race.

Edited by: Research Centre Anilij (Spain)

Author(s): Elexgaray Cruz, Esther

Illustrator(s): Domínguez Pazo, Raúl

Series: En favor de la familia

Publisher: A Fortiori

City: Bilbao

Year: 2005

Pages: 32

ISBN: 9788493462789

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: ES

Original Language: ES

Keywords: Diversity, Families, Love, Respect, Rewriting

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