Djeca znaju, i točka

(Children know! The end!) Book not yet available in English


A collection of 37 short stories and 3 poems depicting everyday reality, events, child queries, with the final conclusion that naive, childish, original thoughts are the beginning of wisdom.


A collection of stories and songs that, although intended for children, is also interesting for adults. The author goes through a multitude of topics. Curious and picky children, children’s obsession with super heroes, the relationship with grandparents, kid’s understanding of parents’ quarrels and divorce, kindergarten love, children’s definitions for what moms and daddies are… Although dealing with everyday topics, reading this book makes one realize that some things are taken for granted, that we pass through some of them, even if we do not even notice them. These 40 stories and rhymes will remind readers how important it is to notice those little, tiny things in life and enjoy them, and encourage children to chat.

Edited by: Biblioteka Sarajeva (Bosnia Herzegovina)

Author(s): Ferluga-Antić, Vesna

Illustrator(s): Keserović, Leon

Publisher: Vlastita naklada

City: Labin

Year: 2017

Pages: 204

ISBN: 9789535949008

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: HR

Original Language: HR

Keywords: Education, Positive role model, Relationships

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