Contro corrente

(Upstream) Book not yet available in English


1922. Emily is different from her sisters, Tina and Margaret, who love lace and dance. Fascinated by her cousin Gertrude, a swimming champion who has decided to swim across the English Channel, Emily also discovers her passion for swimming and her personal challenge: her dream is to swim across the lake alone.


Halfway between picture book and comics, Contro corrente tells the true story of Gertrude Ederle, American swimmer and Olympic champion, who in 1926 swam across the English Channel, setting the female record that remained unbeaten for 24 years. Written by Alice Keller and illustrated by Veronica Truttero, it is a beautiful and elegant book, in which words and images complement each other, in an engaging dialogue that gives voice, ironically and poetically, to the point of view of the young narrator, Emily, Gertrude’s fictitious cousin. Telling the story of the prejudices defeated by Gertrude, the book leads us to the discovery of another bold, resourceful, and rebellious girl. The book also tells the story of the friendship between Emily and Leo, a silent accomplice who assists her in the small feat of imitating the endeavors of her great cousin. The story thus gives value to the educational power of the example: it is with her actions that Gertrude shows Emily that another way of being a woman is possible, offering the model of a strong and independent woman that differs from those represented by Emily’s sisters and mother. By comparing Emily’s traditional and prescriptive family with Leo’s reassuring and encouraging one, and through the models of Gertrude and Emily, the authors invite us to go against the tide, to dream big and to overcome barriers and obstacles. Sinnos also uses the highly legible font “leggimi” (read me) for this book.

Edited by: Centro MeTRa (Italy)

Author(s): Keller, Alice

Illustrator(s): Truttero, Veronica

Publisher: Sinnos

City: Roma

Year: 2017

Pages: 80

ISBN: 9788876093623

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: IT

Original Language: IT

Keywords: Female characters, Friendship, Relationships, Sports

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