Attention aux princesses !

(Watch out for the princesses!) Book not yet available in English


The book presents various portraits of very different princesses. Some are looking for their prince charming, others are not bothered. The mountain-climbing princess takes her prince and his horse up a rock face. The sporty princess can run so fast none of the princes can catch her. The single princess throws the princes out. In total, 34 princesses are introduced to the reader, each with their own personality and their own flaws.


This witty, lively picture book explores what being a princess means. The series of portraits raises a question about princesses in fairy tales: why are they all the same, with angelic smiles, silky hair, and a graceful appearance? Rather than providing an answer, the author explains that it’s the wrong question: princesses are all different and are far from perfect! The princesses in this book are independent and feminist, far from the fairytale stereotype, like the single princess who is determined not to get married or the grubby princess who couldn’t care less about what she is wearing. But some of them do want to find their prince charming. The book also features a number of princes, but interestingly none are shown in a particularly flattering light. In this book, both princesses and princes are modern-day characters who can decide what they want, and sometimes even the prince can’t make up his mind.

Edited by: University Library "Livres au Trésor" and the Research Centre "Pléiade" of the University of Paris 13 (France)

Author(s): Ramadier, Cédric

Illustrator(s): Devaux, Clément

Publisher: Albin Michel jeunesse

City: Paris

Year: 2013

Pages: 74

ISBN: 9782226239778

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: FR

Original Language: FR

Keywords: Diversity, Empowerment, Princess/prince

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