A l’aise Thérèse

(Easy does it Therese) Book not yet available in English


Feisty Princess Thérèse’s brother King Léon leaves her to get on with what she thinks are menial chores. But what Thérèse loves most of all is borrowing his armour and riding her horse to the top of the castle walls to keep watch. She gladly does it whenever Léon asks – which is a lot, because he is terrified of heights and panics at the thought of climbing a step ladder! When their sister Anne is carried off by Fénélon the Terrible, Princess Thérèse is sent to save her from Deadwater Castle. Anne, who is no shrinking violet herself, doesn’t wait to be rescued and makes her own escape. She heads back to Léon’s castle, bringing with her all the men and women in his kingdom who are fed up with his foolish exploits. [Source: Ricochet, Hélène Dargagnon]


Any resemblance between the female characters of this book and traditional fairytale princesses is purely coincidental! Viviane Faudi-Khourdifi’s lively, witty narrative turns sexist fairytale clichés on their heads. Her heroines are headstrong revolutionaries who hold their independence dear, as shown by Lucie Rioland’s illustrations, which blend medieval style and references to the modern world. [Source: Ricochet, Hélène Dargagnon]

Edited by: University Library "Livres au Trésor" and the Research Centre "Pléiade" of the University of Paris 13 (France)

Author(s): Faudi-Khourdifi, Viviane

Illustrator(s): Rioland, Lucie

Series: Livres et égaux

Publisher: Talents Hauts

City: Vincennes

Year: 2013

Pages: 48

ISBN: 9782362660702

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: FR

Original Language: FR

Keywords: Empowerment, Equality, Female characters, Identity, Princess/prince

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