Welcome to the family


This book takes the arrival of new members into a family and explores all the different ways a baby or child can become part of the clan, including natural birth within a nuclear family, adoption, fostering, same-sex parents, and many other aspects of bringing babies or children home.


Perfect for discussing different types of families in an affirming way, this book expands on The Great Big Book of Families by introducing the arrival of new members into a family. Following in the approach of the Great Big Book series, Welcome to the Family explores the different ways a child can become part of a family with lots of humor, jokes, and fun. An informative book, Welcome to the Family carries an important and positive message: every family is different, and every family is equally valid and special, no matter how or when their children arrive.

Edited by: Centro MeTRa (Italy)

Author(s): Hoffman, Mary

Illustrator(s): Asquith, Ros

Series: Great Big Book

Publisher: Frances Lincoln Children's Books

City: London

Year: 2014

Pages: 32

ISBN: 9781847804617

Age Range: 3 - 5

Language: EN

Original Language: EN

Keywords: Diversity, Families, LGBTQ+, Respect

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