Poka & Mia: football


Mine is desperate to play football but Poka explains that it is only for boys. Mine insists and signs up with a club, but the boys on the team and the coach do not make things easy for her. She sticks with it and overcomes the challenges, until eventually the team accepts her.


A new Poka and Mine story, as charming as ever. Football is for boys, so what? Poka gives in and buys everything Mine needs, even the very best boots. But changing the minds of the hostile boys on the team and winning the match is all down to Mine. The strength and depth of the relationship between the characters and their unshakeable trust in each other shine through in each word and every detail of the illustrations. The post-match epilogue is another allusion to gendered sports. Mine wants to try dance. Poka says it’s for girls. Mine answers, “So what?” In the end, sport is not for girls or boys, it’s for everyone – and on the back cover, Mine is shown wearing a ballet tutu and kicking a football.

Edited by: University Library "Livres au Trésor" and the Research Centre "Pléiade" of the University of Paris 13 (France)

Author(s): Crowther, Kitty

Illustrator(s): Crowther, Kitty

Publisher: Tate Publishing

City: London

Year: 2014

Pages: 48

ISBN: 9781849762427

Age Range: 3 - 5

Language: EN

Original Language: FR

Keywords: Equality, Feelings, Positive role model, Sports

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