Leto kada sam naučila da letim

(Summer when I learned to fly) Book not yet available in English


A teenage girl on summer vacation complains about sunburnt and how the boy she liked found another girl and how her grandmother doesn’t understand her – but gradually her interests develop toward many problems of the Balkan post-war society.


A book written for children and youngsters, but which adults should read as well. In an original way, it describes the life-threatening and troubled feelings of a teenage girl who is leaving her childhood behind. A book that will make you laugh and cry, written in a simple style, teaching very clever lessons in a language accessible to children.

Edited by: Biblioteka Sarajeva (Bosnia Herzegovina)

Author(s): Petrović, Jasminka

Illustrator(s): Živković, Dobrosav Bob

Publisher: Kreativni centar

City: Beograd

Year: 2016

Pages: 148

ISBN: 9788652902200

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: SR

Original Language: SR

Keywords: Families, Female characters, Identity, Interculture

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