Kud puklo da puklo

(Whatever may happen) Book not yet available in English


Dogs are mysteriously killed in the village of the Kaminskis. An anonymous threatening letter arrives at the farm announcing that the kids will soon lose their collie. At the same time Manfred is out of the education center. He is inspired by the idea of finally repaying the Kaminskis. When their collie actually disappears without a trace, the kids set everything in motion to get the beloved dog back. But their search leads them on a very dangerous track…


The problem of violence and aggression among children is a problem that has occupied a significant place in the past few years and has been of great public interest. Kaminsky Kids: Hard On convincingly presents the violent situations that children today are exposed to in school and in other environments. The described situations are extremely close to reality, and the main characters deal with them without the use of force, using peaceful ways to resolve conflicts with the support of adults.

Edited by: Biblioteka Sarajeva (Bosnia Herzegovina)

Author(s): Meier, Carlo

Illustrator(s): Lovrić-Caparin, Sara

Translator(s): Martić, Štefica

Series: Kaminski - Kids

Publisher: Harfa

City: Split

Year: 2006

Pages: 166

ISBN: 9789537351014

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: HR

Original Language: DE

Keywords: Animals, Relationships, Violence

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