Cuentos clásicos para chicas modernas

(Classical tales for modern girls) Book not yet available in English


Little Red Hiding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, The Princess and the Pea and many other fairy tales’ heroines are tired of wearing pink, of kissing princes and eventually ending up kissing toads, and they will do anything to change that!


The writer rewrote classical tales with her ten-year-old daughter on holiday. That’s the origin of this innovative book that provides a new model of society in which boys and girls are equal. Heroines are clever and courageous. Humour is always present in a volume that addresses adults too in an ironical way. The writer’s daughter and her friends helped to draw black and white illustrations. The publication of the book also inspired a musical which is performed in Madrid.

Edited by: Research Centre Anilij (Spain)

Author(s): Etxebarría, Lucía

Illustrator(s): De Dios Ruíz, Olga

Publisher: Noguer Ediciones

City: Barcelona

Year: 2013

Pages: 128

ISBN: 9788427901544

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: ES

Original Language: ES

Keywords: Diversity, Empowerment, Princess/prince, Rewriting

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