Мина и магията за предсказание

(Mina and the magic for prediction) Book not yet available in English


Mina and her friends embark on another exciting adventure in which their companions are mythical creatures.


The books by Vesella Flamburari are designed for children and are closely related to Bulgarian mythology. The main characters in the Mina series are the three children Mina, Yanil and Kitan. They experience magical adventures and touch a fairytale world in which heroes of Bulgarian mythology are present.

Edited by: Regional Public Library "Petko Rachev Slaveikov" (Bulgaria)

Author(s): Фламбурари, Весела (Flamburari, Vesela)

Illustrator(s): Ким, Питър

Publisher: MBG Books

City: София

Year: 2015

Pages: 256

ISBN: 9789542989820

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: BG

Original Language: BG

Keywords: Empowerment, Female characters, Friendship, Male characters

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