Драконът и княгинята войн

(The dragon and the warrior princess) Book not yet available in English


The beautiful Mirvena is the heroine of this fairy tale. She is striving to free her kingdom from the evil dragon – a real and spiritual battle with a sword and shield, but also with kindness. The dragon, transformed into a mighty knight, changes his dark temper under the influence of the smart and kind princess.


A fairy-tale in rhymes about brave hearts, transformation, and kindness.

Edited by: Regional Public Library "Petko Rachev Slaveikov" (Bulgaria)

Author(s): Миладинова-Терзийска, Милена Бойкова (Miladinova-Tersiska, Milena Boikova)

Illustrator(s): Божков, Кирил

Series: Приказни поеми за малки и големи

Publisher: Мирфея

City: София

Year: 2014

Pages: 24

ISBN: 9786197046039

Age Range: 3 - 5

Language: BG

Original Language: BG

Keywords: Empowerment, Female characters, Princess/prince, Rewriting

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