Bill’s new frock


A boy wakes up to find he’s a girl, and worse, his mother makes him wear a frilly pink dress to school. How on earth is he going to survive a whole day like this? Everything just seems to be different for girls…


First published in 1989, Fine’s book explores gender inequality as Bill is forced to experience a variety of obstacles that make him aware of the way in which girls are treated. Touching on topics such as respect and empathy, this book provides an excellent opportunity for raising gender-based dialogues with children about stereotyping and socialisation, the gender divide, or even feeling that one is in the wrong body.

Edited by: Centro MeTRa (Italy)

Author(s): Fine, Anne

Illustrator(s): Beech, Mark

Series: Modern Classics

Publisher: Egmont UK

City: London

Year: 2017

Pages: 128

ISBN: 9781405285339

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: EN

Original Language: EN

Keywords: Clothes, Equality, Respect, School

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