Ronia the robber’s daughter


Ronia is the daughter of a robber chief living in an old castle in the forest. She is the only child and the only female in the clan, other than her mother. She grows up free, wild, and happy, learning to handle weapons and studying the mysteries of the forest. She meets a boy the same age who is the son of a rival clan. The two children become friends, overcoming the absurd rivalry between the two clans.


In what was to be one of her last novels, Astrid Lindgren pokes gentle fun at a clan of bearded, boastful, shameless brigands who turn to putty in the little girl’s hands. Ronia is a brave, free spirit, an embodiment of female emancipation and progress. She and her friend have shades of Romeo and Juliet, but the two of them rebel against the prevailing order to solve a political conflict. The novel with magical overtones has sometimes been read as a feminist Utopia.

Edited by: University Library "Livres au Trésor" and the Research Centre "Pléiade" of the University of Paris 13 (France)

Author(s): Lindgren, Astrid

Publisher: OUP

City: Oxford

Year: 2010

Pages: 313

ISBN: 9780192789945

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: EN

Original Language: SE

Keywords: Empowerment, Feelings, Female characters

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