Coraline moves into an old house with her parents who don’t pay much attention to her. When she discovers a door covering a brick wall, and behind that finds there is another world, everything changes. Everything in this other world is a little bit scarier and different than in the real world, and different adventures in both worlds begin for the brave and determined Coraline.


The book is striking in its portrayal of its young female heroine as determined, independent, and brave in the face of danger and fear. Coraline’s resourcefulness and ability to solve the problems she encounters are all the more admirable because of the dark nature of the forces she battles. The focus on Coraline herself as the source of resolving the difficulties she encounters is important and Coraline’s developing subjectivity is explored as a result.

Edited by: Centre for Children’s Literature and Culture Studies (Ireland)

Author(s): Gaiman, Neil

Illustrator(s): Riddell, Chris

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children

City: London

Year: 2012

Pages: 191

ISBN: 9781408818619

Age Range: 6 - 10

Language: EN

Original Language: EN

Keywords: Empowerment, Female characters, Identity

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