How to use the bibliography

The search mask is simple to use. You can search for books with the following fields using the corresponding drop-down menus:




When you click on the menu, you will see the complete list of items for that specific field. In addition, you can narrow your search by selecting the age range, the publishing period, and finally one or more languages (only for the mask in English). Alternatively, you can make a free search by words that are included in the titles, summaries, and comments of the bibliography books.

After clicking the submit button, you will get different results depending on the language you are using for the search. The search masks in Italian, French, Spanish, Bosnian, and Bulgarian will only display books written or translated into the language you are using. Conversely, a search through the English mask will display all the books that are included in the bibliography and whose records are available in English, even when the book has not yet been published in English (in this case, you will see the tab “book not yet available in English” next to the title). When you open a book record in any of the website languages, you can switch to the other languages in which the book has been published by clicking on the ISO code(s) that you can see in the “also available in” field (i.e., EN=English; IT=Italian; ES=Spanish; FR=French; BS=Bosnian; BG=Bulgarian). You can also switch to the English translation of the record by clicking on the Irish flag at the right top of the page.